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revise business strategy with remitall

Revise your business strategy with RemitAll money transfer software

Manage all your money transaction businesses via a secure and reliable platform.

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Swiftly grow and track your business with money remittance application

RemitAll provides authorised connections to expand your business networks.

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Efficiently manages your operation and explore current opportunities

Your customers can access your services from their desktop or mobile devices.

"We have created technology to enhance your business network."

RemitAll is a money transfer software to simplify and revolutionise your international remittance operation. We inspire the worldwide money transfer industry to help all the market players.

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"Designing a perfect environment to expand your business."

We understand your problem needs to be addressed. Hence, taking the full responsibility for fuss-free experiences to enhance your customers' cross-border money transfer requirements.

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point of sale

Point of sale

Your clients can visit your agent locations to make an international money transfer according to their requirements. This enables the agents to carry on with the transactions.

remitall online website

Online Websites

We provide a credible website that empowers your clients to process their international money transfer. Hence, ensuring your clients to experience smooth transactions.

scaled down reporting

Scaled-down reporting

Gives a clear picture of Foreign Exchange revenue and Profit or Loss on every transaction made. Therefore it is taken care of by our money transfer software for your clients.

remitall software easy access

Sanction screening

We cover data sourced from various sources such as EU sanctions list, HM Treasury, OFAC, SECO, and UNSC, making your business compliant with regulatory needs.

sanction screening

Customer verification and KYC management

This application focuses on intensive identity verification by ensuring complete customer verification including Prove of Identification, Prove of Address and Source of Funds depending on the regulatory requirements.

flexible fee management

Dynamic Fee Management

A flexible fee management system assures your clients to remain ahead of economic competition. It helps to improve and manage the revenues in low-competition localities

flexible rate management

Flexible Rate Management

RemitAll Software assists your client to manage the exchange rates with enhanced efficiency in a highly competitive market. Exchange rates vary from location to location.

easy corridor opening

Easy Corridor Opening

The system is configured to guarantee hassle-free agents on boarding for any location across the globe. This empowers your clients to decide as per their requirements.

spot rate agent

Spot Rate for Agents

Enables you to set-up custom Foreign Exchange in real-time.

  • Fast, convenient and secure.
  • Operates on various platforms.
  • Complete transactions all time.
  • Instant international money transfers.
  • Transparent cost and payment status.
  • Availability of detailed reports on time.
  • Existing more than 10 years in this financial industry.
  • Speed and accuracy of all foreign currency payments.
  • Accessible 24/7 with secure access and dedicated support.
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