A remittance means transferring money to another party. Nowadays it has become a common word to describe a sum of money sent by someone working abroad to their family back home.

RemitAll is the fully hosted and secured payment platform offering cost-effective remittance software to licensed money transfer organizations managing their agent network. Our software solutions are expertly designed to meet all financial institutions' seeking robust and reliable remittance software.

This software gives money transfer solutions across the globe.

We will be happier to refer you to a consulting firm with whom we have a successful relationship for your assistance.

Our consulting firm with whom we have a successful relationship will assist you with your bank related queries.

The answer would be yes and our system has a compliance feature which checks the transaction in either a sending or receiving country.

RemitAll has an online module with a payment gateway provider that can guide you with online processing.

Have an inquiry or question about any of our revolutionary remittance services? Email us at sales@remitall.co.uk and find out how you can start simplifying your payment operations TODAY.

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