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Can Central Bank Digital Currencies Unsettle Macro-Financial Stability?

In continuation of our coverage of the discussions held by the IMF on the 19th of October 2020; We will discuss Mr Carstens' view on CBDCs.

Mar 93:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Why do you send more and receive less during international transactions?

Whether you work abroad or make regular international money transfers to your family residing in another nation. You need to know specific facts about foreign exchange rates to get the most out of your overseas money transfers.

Mar 82 Minutes 45 Seconds

Cross Border Payments and Project ABER

Cross-border payments faced enormous difficulties thanks to the COVID-19 induced lockdowns.

Mar 32 Minutes 30 Seconds

Irene Asha Tirkey
How We Can Help Kick-Start or Upgrade Your International Money Transfer Business

International Money-Transfer Service is now a sought after business, thanks to the large volumes seen in the remittance industry off-late.

Mar 22 Minutes 30 Seconds

Irene Asha Tirkey
How is the Remittance Industry Responding to the Challenges Posed by Covid-19?

Businesses faced severe difficulties due to the impact of Covid - 19 globally. Millions of people lost their jobs or faced significant pay-cuts as a direct result of this pandemic.

Mar 12 Minutes 30 Seconds

COVID-19 Impacts On Cross-Border Payments

A conference on cross-border payments 'A vision for the future' happened on the 19th of October 2020.

Feb 263min Read

Irene Asha Tirkey
Why you should become an International Money Transfer Operator today?

Billions of dollars are sent to families or communities worldwide each year in remittance by migrants all over the world.

Feb 242min Read

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