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Irene Asha Tirkey
Payment Regulatory Frameworks are Keeping Pace with Rapid Innovation

Breakthrough in technology has affected how goods and services are paid for and funds transferred between financial institutions, businesses, and people. A banking regulator needs to offer clarity and enable a level playing field for all market participants.

Oct 203:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
New Start-ups are shaking up old Oligopolies

Fintech start-ups are finally getting friction in their mission to disrupt banking. Remittance is defined as smaller cross-border payments between individuals. It allows an excellent entry point for financial services. Simultaneously

Oct 63:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Going digital: payments in the post-Covid world

Digital payments are now compatible with mobile payments across the world. The increased rate of adoption is directly linked to access to smartphones and telecoms networks. The extreme growth in digital revenues in developing countries demonstrates the impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in advancing online retail sales.

Oct 12:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Blockchain-The Redeemer of Remittance Industry's Woes

The era of globalisation has seen a high incidence of migration for various socio-economic needs from one country to another. It is valid for low-income and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), where higher aspirations drag them across borders.

Sep 252:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
New Beginning for Cryptocurrency Banking Market 2021

After the global financial crisis of 2008, public trust in conventional banking systems was a concern. The shock's ramification did not stop at these institutions; instead, the debt contagion continued to spread and hit other financial powerhouses. Beyond the United States, the global financial crisis spread to Europe and Asia.

Sep 113:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
The technology of central bank digital currency

The economy is in the middle of a technological revolution. This revolution considers the digitalisation of the financial system and even the design of money itself. Combining new digital technologies and greater online activity allows vast volumes of data to be collected, managed and telecommunicated.

Aug 253:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Remittances processed via mobile money increases by 65 percent in 2020

The unexpected resilience of remittance flows during the COVID-19 crisis highlights the importance of the timely availability of data. It overtakes foreign direct investment and official development assistance in low- and middle-income countries, but remittances can no longer be ignored as minor changes.

Aug 133:00 Minutes

Sandipan Deb
Reimagining Remittances: A People-Centric Approach in Africa

It is common knowledge that laws and regulations are different based on which country you are in. And if you ever tried to transfer money outside of your country, you might have faced some obstacles or had to jump through different loops to do so.

July 133:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
The Anti-Money-Laundering in Emerging Market Banks

In recent years, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance requirements have marked increased cost and complexity to banks globally. While many of these regulatory changes have increased financial system resilience and helped battle financial crime.

June 303:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Fintech Impact On Economic, Social And Financial Market

The world's reliance on technology is changing the way we live. It influences our economic, social and financial behaviour and also changing our relationship with money. While social distancing is the new normal to some degree, it exacerbates the relevance to address real situations i.e "distancing" such as international migration.

June 243:30 Minutes

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