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Irene Asha Tirkey
Measures Taken by Depository Institutions and Money Transmitters

The term "money laundering" refers to converting Money earned through illegal means into legitimate Money. These activities include drug trafficking or terrorist funding, and the law considers it a severe financial crime adopted by criminals.

Apr 293:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
The flow of remittance in Colombo Process Member States (CPMS) countries

Foreign workers make most remittances to family members in their home countries. This term derives its origins from the word remit, which means to send back.

Apr 293:00 Minutes

Prerana Das
Diaspora Bonds Contributes during Stressful Times in Financing

Several developing countries are encountering great difficulty in obtaining private financing using traditional financial instruments. It has led to a severe crisis of confidence in debt markets in the current environment.

Apr 212:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Insight of Mid Market Rate

Every minute of every day, individuals, banks, and institutions exchange money from one currency to another. Exchange rate determines how much to pay and receive. Therefore, it is crucial to check which exchange rate applies to your transaction and attracts you.

Apr 202:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Challenges faced by colombo process member states migrants(CPMS) in accessing the formal remittance services

Amid twelve countries in CPMS, three states stand for the largest global receivers, namely India, China and the Philippines. According to the World Bank, USD243 billion was received in the CPMS formally in 2017.

Apr 63:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Regulations in Remittance

Ever since migrants have started moving overseas, Money has been flowing around through multiple remittance channels. In 2019 migrants sent close to $550 billion to their native countries.

Mar 274:00 Minutes

Prerana Das
Why some Money Service Businesses shy from providing Remittance Services?

Money is an asset. It is the primary reason why people migrate across borders. Hence, people are cautious when it comes to remit money through any channel, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Mar 254:00 Minutes

The U.S. Government Accountability (GAO) Office Views on International Remittance Compliance

In 2016 the U.S. Government-Accountability-Office undertook a study on Remittance Services and whether compliance in this sector requires further stringency.

Mar 173:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Are Remittances Encouraging Education Globally?

Education fosters a positive change in overall development. Investing in human capital is essential to accomplish sustainable economic growth.

Mar 132:00 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Why Remittance Plays a Significant Role in Economic Development?

There is a direct correlation between financial exclusion and poverty. According to a survey, two billion working-age adults have no access to global financial services.

Mar 113:00 Minutes

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