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Irene Asha Tirkey
Did COVID catalyse the digital transformation of the remittance industry?

COVID-19 has brought many changes this year. In the case of the money transfer industry, the immediate impact has not been a positive one. The World Bank has predicted that global remittance can decline up to 20% due to the pandemic.

June 212:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Impact Of Remittance In Migration And Rural Development

The World Bank stated that remittance is a vital source to support finance directly. The remittance has a positive consequence on the prosperity of migrant families and the development of their homeland.

May 272:10 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Five Mantras For Digital Payments And User Friendly For Your Customers

Digital payment technologies have evolved tremendously over the past few years. It has proved to be successful in this pandemic and turned the tables on how to do business. A recent survey reveals that 60% of consumers will be using digital and cashless payments due to growing health concerns.

May 212:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Shifting Towards Digital Spell the End of Agents in Remittance. Yes or No?

Going digital has become a natural trend across most industries, and Remittance is no exception. It brings both opportunities and threats to existing business models. On the one hand, the agent network stands to lose out.

May 202:10 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Call to Action to Keep remittances Flowing.

Remittances reached a record of $554 billion in 2019 by overtaking foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to low and middle-income countries(LMICS). Therefore, remittances have proved to be larger and more stable than FDI in India, oil exports in Mexico, and tourism in Egypt, Nepal, and Tunisia.

May 192:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Remittance during the pandemic in developing countries

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented restrictions on all economic activity, triggering a global crisis worldwide. Remittances to developing countries are falling sharply as a result.

May 174:30 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
Benefits of mobile money for international remittance

Mobile technology is one of the most exciting forces shaping how people send and receive international remittances today. Around the world, people are shifting from traditional channels to their mobile phones.

May 122:20 Minutes

Prerana Das
Role of Remittance in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

United Nations considers remittance as a connection between migration and economic development for remittance-receiving Countries. In 2018, remittances received by Thirty Countries altogether summed up to 10% of their GDP.

May 82:40 Minutes

Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Future Of Remittance (Chapter 1)

CBDC(Central bank digital currency) will play a significant role in shaping the future of the remittance industry. Experts believe it will revolutionise the way Money Services Firms conduct their business.

May 43:12 Minutes

Irene Asha Tirkey
How Artificial Intelligence can Transform the Way International Money Transfer Businesses Run

When most people come across the word "Artificial Intelligence", they think of robots. It is evident because big-budget films and novels weave stories about human-like machines that wreak havoc on Earth.

May 12:30 Minutes

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